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Soft Bar Pricing Packages

  • Beer + Wine

    Beer and Wine Service
    • $5 Per Additional Guest
  • Mixed Drinks

    Beer, Wine and Basic Mixed Drinks Service
    • $7 per Additional Guest
  • Full Bar

    Beer, Wine, Mixed Drinks and Signature Cocktails
    • $10 per Additional Guest

Every Package Includes

Alcohol Budgeting - We will determine how much alcohol is needed for your event and estimate price ranges.

Pickup of Alcohol - We will pick up your alcohol order on our way to the venue.

STAR Certified Bartenders - Each member of our staff is trained in compliance with KY alcohol serving laws.

5 Hours of Service - Five hours is our standard service time, please inquire if you would like a longer service

Cups, Napkins, Ice, Straws, Mixers etc.. - All of the essentials for serving and mixing drinks are included.

Service For up to 100 Guests - Please refer to the pricing plans above for additional guest rates.

Taps Trailer Pricing

Whether you would like to rent the Taps Trailer on its own for your event or add it on to your Soft Bar package - it is sure to make for an exciting and unique addition!

Taps Trailer Solo



For those who would like to rent the Taps Trailer apart from our Bartending Service

Best Value

Taps Trailer Add-On



Add the Taps Trailer to your Bartending Service

*The Taps Trailer must be attended by a bartender, guests may not serve themselves.

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