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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you rent out mobile bars in Kentucky?

The answer is yes. Mobile bars like our Taps Trailer can be rented in Kentucky. The reason that we are able to rent out our bar is because we do not sell the alcohol that we serve. The customer buys the kegs of beer or cider for their event. We simply pick them up and get them ready to serve in our mobile bar.

Are your bartenders STAR certified ?

Yes, all of our Bartenders have their Server Training in Alcohol Regulations (STAR) certificates. If your venue requires STAR certified bartenders, look no further than One For The Road KY! 

I have no idea how much alcohol we will need, can you help plan this?

Not to worry! One For The Road KY has your alcohol budgeting covered. We go the extra mile to make our piece of your wedding planning puzzle the easiest to put in place. That is why we will calculate the quantity of beer, wine and other alcohol needed as well as how much it will cost so that placing your order is a breeze.

What comes with each rental package?

Our rental packages include five hours of service. This means that the Taps Trailer will be in action for the entire 5 hours. We also offer alcohol budgeting, pick up of kegs, setup, takedown, and cleanup as part of each rental package.

Are setup and takedown counted in the rental time?

No. The time it takes to setup and takedown/cleanup does not take away from the 5 hours of rental time. The Taps Trailer will be serving for the full five hours rental time, or until the beer is gone!

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