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By One For The Road KY

Top Class Bartenders for Weddings and Private Events

Venues love working with One For The Road because all of our bartenders are STAR certified, and many are graduates of the Lexington Bartending School. The Server Training in Alcohol Regulations (STAR) program is a Kentucky-specific course that teaches bartenders about compliance with Kentucky liquor laws and ensures proper and lawful bartending etiquette. Many venues require that bartenders serving on their premises have this certification, which is why we require it of our bartenders too!

Using One For The Road KY for bartending can have many advantages over using a caterer.


  • Our Bartenders have one role, and that is to bartend

    • Our bartenders will not be distracted with anything other than serving your guests to the best of their abilities!​

  • No up-charge on alcohol

    • Caterers operate differently from One For The Road, and are able to up-charge the drinks they sell. ​Working with us guarantees that alcohol will be charged at cost, with no additional fees.

  • High Standard for Bartenders.

    • Our team is made up of only the best bartenders - whose mix of training, certifications and hands-on experience will ensure that they provide your guests with the highest quality of service.​

Graduates of the Lexington Bartending School have received an additional license and attended 60 hours of bartending classes. Students must pass both a written and practical exam encompassing cocktail ingredients, cocktail history, bartending etiquette, mixology and more. 

We hold our staff to an extremely high level of competency so that on your special day we meet and exceed all of your expectations!

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