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Draft Beer Is Here!

Updated: Aug 2, 2023

At One For The Road, we strive to make bringing draught beer to your event as easy as possible. Whether you are having a Wedding in Lexington, a Private Party in Versailles or a Corporate Event in Georgetown - our mission is to let the good times roll without the hassle!

Planning Phase

Our process is simple, and it starts with filling out the short form on our 'Booking Inquiry' page of our website. Once this is filled out, the hard part is over! From here, we will schedule a quick phone call where we will answer questions and firm up details. After that, we will draft a budget based on your tastes and make a gameplan for picking up your order.

Day of the Event

On the day of the event, we will pick up your order en-route to the venue so that everything is nice and cold for serving. We will set up the bar, hook up the kegs and make sure everything is ready to go once the guests arrive. Then we will get to pouring your favorite brews and delight you and your guests with our friendly and energetic bartending!

Example Cost

To give you an idea of what our services cost, we will share the cost breakdown of a wedding we did in late 2022.

Taps Trailer Rental: $749 - This is a standard fee for the rental of our Taps Trailer, which can hold up to four kegs of your favorite beer.

Bartending Fee: $300 - The Bartending fee will vary depending on the amount of guests and the duration of your event. This particular wedding had about 100 guests and we stayed for a total of 5 hours including setup and takedown.

Travel Fee: $125 - A Travel Fee will be applied to any event that is greater than a 30 minute drive from Lexington.

Bottom Line

One For The Road specializes in bringing guests a beer with a smile on our faces and in making your event that much more special. We want to take some of the work out of event planning and make your life easier. We work with Local Breweries such as Country Boy, West Sixth and Mirror Twin in order to bring you the best quality product along with excellent service. Check out our home page at and let us bring the magic of Draught Beer to your next event!


We have a great video up on our Instagram that shows our whole booking process - check it out here:

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